Sunday, October 14, 2012


I've found myself in a mythology mood as of late.  I've read and loved Underworld (read my review), The Goddess Test (read my review), and Everneath (watch the trailer here) in the last six months.  All three are variations on the Greeks' take on the Underworld.  They're all very different, and they are all awesome.  My most recent float down the River Styx was via Everneath
(Read the first six chapters here) by Brodi Ashton.   And, I've got to say it left me with this question, "When can I read the next book?"  Allow me to explain!

In Everneath, Nikki Beckett finds herself in a situation like basically no one else.  She actually vanished from her life for six months and took part in The Feed (mortals fueling the immortals) in a version of the underworld known as the Everneath.  Nikki was drawn into the Everneath by a smoking hot immortal named Cole.  Now, Nikki has returned back to her old life before she must stay in the Everneath forever.

It's hard for Nikki to fit into the life she left.  The mystery of her disappearance is hard for people to understand and even harder for her to explain.  But, Nikki is determined to make things right with her boyfriend Jack.  Even though Nikki was not supposed to be able to remember her own life while she was in the everneath, Jack never left her thoughts.

Now, Nikki finds herself in a race against time to reconcile with Jack and resign herself to being a part of the Everneath forever.  She desperately wants to stay with Jack, but is that possible?  Also, Nikki shouldn't have survived the Feed, but she did.  How?  And who is this mysterious group, the Daughters of Persephone?

Oh man, the questions left at the end of this one are pretty intense.  Luckily, lovers of Everneath don't have long to wait.  Everbound will be available January of 2013.  So, give it a try.  You won't be sorry.

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