Sunday, October 21, 2012

Goddess Hunt

As I continue my foray into the Underworld, I once again visited the Goddess Test series and read The Goddess Hunt by Aimee Carter.  The Goddess Hunt is a between one and two novella available in ebook.  I am a sucker for those.  Seriously, I haven't met one I don't like.  The Goddess Hunt certainly helped me continue my love affair with the novella (and the Underworld!).

In The Goddess Hunt, Kate Winters is on her six month vacation from the Underworld.  Not surprisingly, she has chosen to go to Greece.  Also, she has chosen to take her friend James with her.  This is a bit tricky.  While James is a great friend, he as Hermes, stood to inherit the throne from Henry, or Hades, if Kate had not passed the test.  I'm not completely convinced he's as true blue as Kate seems to be, but Kate hasn't asked me yet.

While in Greece, Kate and James come upon the runaway twins Castor and Pollux.  While this seems like a huge coincidence, as you may have guessed, it that isn't.  While getting to know Castor and Pollux, Kate begins to sympathize with their cause.  She becomes determine to help them.

Kate's determination leads her to be very frank with Zeus and other members of the Council. That may not have been Kate's wisest move.  Despite Kate being the new Queen of the Underworld, she seems to have lots to learn about her place in this new world. 

And, well, she misses Henry.  That's sweet.  You never see Hades portrayed as a lovable type of guy.  I like it.  That's just one thing that keeps me coming back to these books.  I eagerly await my opportunity to read book two, Goddess Interrupted.

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