Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Kane Chronicles: The Red Pyramid and The Throne of Fire

Although I've forgotten more of the Greek and Roman mythology than I would like to admit, I never knew any of the Egyptian myths until I read the Kane ChroniclesRick Riordan has found a way to weave myths with the modern to bring the lore to life.  These two volumes which follow the fantastic Percy Jackson and the Olympians series deliver excitement and learning without even trying (my very favorite kind).

At the onset of the Red Pyramid, Carter and Sadie Kane reunite after having lived separately since their mother's death.  Sadie has been with their grandparents in London, while Carter has been traveling the globe studying Egyptology with their father.  This, of course, caused jealously between the two and created a situation when they were practically strangers.  However, there is something they don't know.  Members of their family are members of a secret society called the House of Life, which has existed since the time of the Pharaohs.  Talk about a bombshell.  Then to beat it all, their father inadvertently sets the most evil of all the Egyptian gods, Set loose on the world.  This leaves Carter and Sadie with no choice but to attempt to defeat him.  Along the way, they are met with lots of characters from Egyptian mythology, obstacles, and unexpected friendships.  Fortunately, they are able to send Set back to his place.

Oh, Ra
Then, the next installment, The Throne of Fire picks up as Carter and Sadie have hit their stride training others within the families connected with the House of Life.  They've met lots of helpful allies like Jaz and Walt who are quite important to defeating the evil gods out to destroy the House of Life.  Now in order to keep the powers of Chaos from taking over the world, Carter and Sadie must restore the sun god, Ra to his throne.  The problem is that Ra is not what he used to be.  He's...well, he's a bit senile.  This doesn't exactly help with the plan.  Carter and Sadie proceed on the perilous journey to find Ra but are left with many questions. 

Luckily, the third book in the series, The Serpent's Shadow (read chapter one here) is due out May 1.  I am hopeful that more of my favorite character, Bast will be included. Also, I am optimistic that Sadie will be able to find a cure for Walt.  So much to consider!  This is a great series.  If you haven't already, check it out. 

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