Monday, April 2, 2012

Hana- a Delirium story

Warning: Delirium spoilers.  If that's a problem, ask yourself why in the world you haven't read Delirium!  There is no acceptable response.

I love Delirium (check out my review).  I love Pandemonium (check out my review).  Seriously.  Sometimes, when my thoughts are wandering right before bed, I find myself thinking about these books.  I may have a bit of a problem.  I think I may have a case of the delirium!  So, obviously I also love the short story told from Hana's point of view.

"Hana" is an exciting short story telling another perspective of that exhilarating summer before Lena and Hana are to receive the cure.  Hana and Lena have been the best of friends for years even though their lives are very different.  Hana's family is wealthy;  Lena lives with her middle-class aunt and uncle while rumors surround her mother's mysterious death and reaction to the cure.

Hana seeks an exciting life filled with boys and parties during their last summer.  She yearns to know what love would feel like and feel the thrill of the forbidden.  Hana wanted to share this with Lena, but Lena shied away from this and remained reserved (or so she seemed). 

But, as time wore on Lena and Hana began to grow apart.  Hana believed it was Lena's way of the cutting their ties before the cure changed them into people with nothing in common; she was afraid her wild nature had finally pushed Lena away.  But, as Hana continued her party path, became acquainted with her match, and experienced a taste of heartbreak she found herself needing Lena's friendship even more.  As a result, Hana learns that Lena's distance was because of her relationship with Alex.  Talk about a shocker.

I confess that Hana looks the same as Hannah
from Pretty Little Liars in my mind.  My
imagination is a cheater.
I absolutely adore this short story for a few different reasons.  Clearly, I love it because it gave me another bit of the Delirium story to absorb while I wait for the third book, Requiem.  But, I also love it because it let me know Hana.  I didn't really care for her character in Delirium, but I came to cherish her during "Hana".  She seemed so free yet trapped when I knew her thoughts. Another awesome part is that the story is available in ebook format for the mere price of $2.99.  How great is that?  Once again, well played Ms. Oliver.  Well played.

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