Monday, March 26, 2012


Warning: Contains Matched Spoilers (read my review of Matched)

Sometimes when I read a book then think about the title, I pause and think the title was exactly right for the book.  That is precisely what I think about Crossed (watch the trailer here) by Ally Condie

Crossed is the second installment in the Matched series (read an excerpt of Matched).  It opens with both Cassia and Ky both in the outer provinces.  Cassia still is a Citizen of the society, but she is among the Aberations in hopes of finding Ky.  Cassia's life in the outer provinces is noting like her old life.  She must navigate through this new world and trade information that will hopefully lead her to Ky.

Cassia and a girl named Indie mistakenly wind up on a transfer ship only to arrive at Ky's location after he had broken free of this harsh place.  This solidifies Cassia's commitment to finding Ky.  She, Indie, and a boy named Hunter make a plan to escape, just as Ky and his two new friends have. 

Cassia and Indie search for signs of Ky in the canyons and flats lying outside the society.  After much toiling, the two groups meet.  But, the reunion between Cassia and Ky may not be all they had dreamed.  Cassia is committed to joining the Resistance, but Ky does not feel the same way.  Despite Xander being miles and miles away, he still seems to have an influence on both Cassia and Ky. 

To me, the title is so perfect in so many ways.   Cassia must cross the unfamiliar lands.  She must learn how to cross into the Resistance.  And, it seems as though her feelings for Xander may have crossed into the forefront of Cassia's mind.  Yes, indeed.  This title is perfect. 

The third book, Reached is due out November 13, 2012.  I am sure the tales of Cassia, Indie, Ky, and Xander will intertwine into another amazing read.  I have a confession.  I secretly, until now, hoped that Cassia and Xander wind up together.  I suppose my secret is out.

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