Saturday, March 3, 2012

Withering Tights

Have you ever read a book and thought that you knew the person in the book even though it was suppose to be completely fictitious?  That's what happened to me while I was reading Withering Tights (watch the trailer here) by Louise Renninson.  I mean, I swear Tallulah  Casey was in my class last year.  I am convinced that I know her.

Tallulah Casey is the artsy, lanky, skinny, wild cousin of Georgia Nicolson from Renninson's other series including books such as Stop in the Name of Pants, Are these My Basoomas I See Before Me, and several others.  Tallulah values the opinion of the illustrious cousin Georgia, who has sent Tallulah a letter to help her begin her exciting adventures at the artist college. 

This tale follows Tallulah and her new friends at Dother Hall, where they will take a course for those who plan to enter the world of show business.  Honestly, the teachers at the school seem to be as big a group of misfits as the girls who are attending, which makes this whole thing hilarious.  Dr. Lightowler, yep you read that right, has an exaggerated speech pattern that makes me giggle every time. 

At any rate, most of the girls stay in the dorms at Dother Hall.  But, Tallulah's delays have stationed her at the home of some locals.  This nice family has decorated Tallulah's room completely in squirrel decor, including some handmade squirrel slippers for Tallulah.  Just imagining a room bedecked in squirrels is hilarious to me.

Tallulah struggles to find her talent, which seems to be Irish dancing, despite the fact she is not Irish.  However, she finds herself successful (or as successful as one at Dother Hall can be) in an unlikely role.  She is assigned to play Heathcliff in an original musical presentation of Wuthering Heights (click here to read it).   She is distressed at playing the male lead at first, but uses this opportunity to channel her new-found hatred for a local boy named Cain.  Of course, I think she may secretly love Cain (and a few other boys from the book), but that's just my opinion.

This book has  a little something for everyone.  There is tons of comedy, a bit of romance, and a nice bit of coming of age.  The sequel entitled A Midsummer Tights Dream   will be available June 26 of this year.  I am sure it promises to be amazingly funny as well.

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