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Contains Delirium spoilers, stop here if you haven't read Delirium.  Then run to your nearest book supplier and get it!

I loan lots of books to students.  I have probably lost more books than I own because I won't stop loaning them.  Sharing the love of a good book makes me brim with joy.  But, much to my surprise last week, when I went into my classroom a book was on my desk.  It was from a student who wanted to loan it to me.  How sweet!  Especially when you know that this is not even one of my students, but one with whom I share books occasionally.  The world is going to be alright people.  My gushing for Delirium tipped this sweet person off that loaning me Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver would make me jump for joy. 

Oh, Pandemonium (watch the trailer here).  I have one word for it UNEXPECTED.  When last we left Lena, she had escaped into the Wilds and were left in limbo about Alex's survival.  Pandemonium tells the story of Lena in the Wilds and her transition into mainstream society as a part of the Resistance.  This story is not told in chronological order, instead it changes from her present undercover life to her past time in the Wilds.

Just for fun!
Life in the Wilds proved to be gritty.  Everything from socks to water were in short supply and were to be treasured.  Lena was weak and unsure of herself in her new surroundings.  She met her Raven, the kind-hearted, but stern leader, Tack, whose sharp wit earned him the name Tack, Blue, whose painful past resulted in her name, and others.  Lena learned that in order to survive the Wilds, she would need to be strong and contribute.  She also learned that she would not be able to stay in one place.  Because of the extreme northern winters, homesteads in the Wilds were seasonal.  These moves were brutal.

Life for Lena in New York proved to be equally tricky.  Lena was forced to live a secretive existence with her sister and brother-in-law.  Except, Raven and Tack were masquerading as Lena's guardians.  Lena bore the mark of the cure (a mark given to her in the Wilds), attended school, and supported the DFA (Deleria-Free America).  This was all planned by the Resistance.  However, Lena doesn't know how big a part she is to play in the Resistance's plans.

After attending a DFA rally, Lena is attempting to escape the hysteria caused by the Scavengers arriving on the scene.  She finds herself in a tunnel with Julian Fineman, son of Thomas Fineman head of the DFA.  Julian is the face of the DFA because of his medical history.  Julian has a brain tumor, which causes the scientists to believe the cure could kill him.  However, he remains determined to have it.  While in this tunnel, Lena and Julian are kidnapped.  While being held captive, they must struggle and suffer together.  And, dare I say this might be the perfect situation for a little deliria to spread!  After this experience, Lena learns more about the Resistance, Raven and Tack, Julian's history, and her mother. 

Delirium ended with a gigantic cliffhanger that I thought could not be topped.  But, the last page of Pandemonium made me gasp.  I am telling you, the word unexpected does not begin to describe it.  You must read this series.  And now! 

The good news is that there is a Delirium short story called "Hanna" available in ebook form that will hopefully tide us over until Requiem hits stores in the spring of 2013. 

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