Sunday, June 10, 2012


Underworld by Meg Cabot is without a doubt awesome.  Last year when I read Abandon(watch Meg discuss John Hayden here and Pierce Olivera here) I was left with some questions, which, honestly, is something I like from a book.  In Underworld (read Chapters 1 & 2 here), Meg came through and answered those but left me with more.  That Meg, what a genius!

The story in Underworld picks up after the dramatic end of Abandon.  Pierce Oliveria now finds herself in the Realm of the Dead with the irresistible John Hayden.  She is obviously confused by this.  But, as she begins to learn more about John's past, she not only begins to understand him better but her own family as well.  Surprising, right?

Pierce now finds herself dealing with the fact that in order to stay with John, she must commit to staying in the Realm of the Dead.  This isn't easy, but she also knows that she will never be safe outside these confines.  However, she is lured away from this new beautifully dark place in order to save her cousin Alex.

As you might have guessed when Pierce, John, and some of his crew from the Underworld return to save Alex, they encounter many obstacles.  Frightening furies, old books, cemetery sextons, and creepy festivals all stand in their way as they rush to beat the clock. 

I couldn't resist! 
John is much cuter than Hades, though.
Wouldn't he have to be?
I love the story!  I also love how the Persephone and Hades myth is explored by the story line so naturally.  As usual, Meg Cabot has done it again by creating a fantastic tale for us to enjoy.  The third installment of this series, Awaken will be available next year.  I for one can't wait.

If you haven't read any books by Meg Cabot, well, get on it.  I've reviewed several if you'd like help choosing one....or four.  Check them out: Abandon, Avalon High, Jinx, How to Be Popular.

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