Saturday, June 23, 2012

Take a Bow

Take a Bow (watch an introduction here) is told from the point of view of four students who attend New York's Creative School for the Arts. Carter is a former child star looking to lead a normal life, except that's not easy when you're a household name. Ethan is a musical genius who makes his own luck...mostly bad luck. Sophie is an amazing singer and has an obsession with fame. Emme is the amazing songwriter who has always supplied her best friend Sophie with beautiful songs to sing.

Each of the narrators is struggling to live up to the pressures of the demanding senior year at CSA. For Ethan and Emme this means spending more time with their band and each other. To Carter this means coming to terms with a truth he knows, but knows others don't want to hear. For Sophie this means realizing her foolproof plan to become a star may have hit some speed bumps.
So cute!

I love the way Eulberg tells this story. Each voice is unique and without needing to look at the chapter titles, the reader knows without a doubt who is speaking. I love the details like Carter's parts looking like a script that make each voice even more authentic.

To make things even more fantastic, Eulberg will be one of the authors taking part in YALLFest 2012. I am truly excited to be attending and hope to visit Eulberg. Give this one a try.

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