Monday, July 16, 2012

The Last Echo- Body Finder Series

The Last Echo
Warning: This includes Body Finder and Desires of the Dead spoilers.  Read those now to improve your life!  Check out my reviews of those here.

I love the Body Finder Series by Kimberly Derting.  Truly.  I will make a somewhat embarrasing confession that on the rare occasion there is a news report of a body being found, I immediately have the assumption that Violet Ambrose must have been on the case.  And then, well, I remember she is a fictional character.  When I remember this, I'm a little sad.  OK, maybe a lot sad.

In The Last Echo, Violet is working with is working with Sarah, Rafe and the others at the Center to investigate what seems to be a serial killer case.  As a part of the team, Violet begins to be a little more comforatble with her gift.  Even though all the people at the Center are able to do something unique, being around them provides a comfort of sort.  However, being part of the team is not without consequence.  Violet comes face to face with death on purpose now instead of it accidently stumbling upon it.  That's different.  That's dangerous.

Dead SilenceBecause of this new danger, Violet reconsiders her place on the team.  The problem is, that may not be her decision to make.  Creepy!  Oh, I cannot wait until the next book, Dead Silence is avaible in April of next year. 

I cannot wait to meet Kimberly Derting at YALLFest.  Check out the amazing lineup for the festival here.

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