Friday, June 1, 2012

Happy birthday, little blog

A year ago today, I began writing this blog.  I really didn't know what to expect from it or really much about blogging at all.  But, this has really turned into something I love. 

Writing this blog has pushed me as a reader.  I've set goals for myself as far as how much I will post, which in turn translates into how much I read.  While I've always read a lot, I kind of like the pressure I've put on myself to read more. 

Also, I like feeling that something I do is helpful.  Some teachers I know and some I don't have let me know that my blog has been helpful to them in their classrooms.  That whole summary and critique thing is big, people.  Plus, anything that will get a kid to pick up a book is something I appreciate.

A little recognition for you YA authors
Teaching writing is a big part of what I do.  But, I've never been much of a writer myself.  Now, I have something I work on continuously, just like I expect from my students.  Plus, there is the thrill of having an audience.  I've got to admit checking out my audience map is one of my very favorite things.  I love seeing the different countries highlighted and marveling that my thoughts have traveled so far.

Honoring great young adult books is also important to me.  Authors who dedicate their time and talents to this group of people deserve special recognition in my opinion.  Getting teens to love books is a tall order, yet you manage to do it.  My hat is off to you!

So, as I head into year two I am hoping to do a little more, reach a few more, and help a little more.  Join me.

My next entry will be about Underworld by Meg Cabot.  My very first entry was about Abandon.  I am so excited to start year two with book two from this amazing series.

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