Thursday, August 18, 2011


It seems like there's the country mouse/city mouse type in a lot of families.  The city mouse always seems so put together and chic.  But sometimes, it's the country mouse who ends up having it all.  That's what happens in Meg Cabot's Jinx.  Jean "Jinx" Honeychurch is the classic country mouse, while her cousin Tory is the glamorous city mouse.

Based on a legend from Cabot's own ancestry, Jinx (read the first chapter here) is the story of two girls descended from a supposed witch.  Because Tory has always had a penchant for the dark-side, and Jean has earned a reputation of being a...jinx, the family believes that Tory is fulfilling the prophesy of inheriting grandma's powers.  Tory even has a cult following of devotees who idolize her supposed powers.  But, because of some very strange happenings Jean must move to New York and live with Tory's family.

Now, while under the same roof Jean begins to to catch the attention of Tory's crush and of Tory's friends.  As you may have guessed it, bad girl Tory isn't keen on this.  As Tory begins to plan her retaliation against Jean, the truth about who is the recipient of the family power begins to surface.  And, along the way Jean must learn to embrace what she's always run from in order to save her life.

This one is classic Meg!  It's funny, has unexpected twists, and a great story line.  I love it.  Did I mention I'm a Meg Cabot fan?  Here are some photos I took when I attended a stop on the Overbite Tour.  Meg was as fantastic in person as I hoped (and she wears Lilly Pulitzer, perfect!).  I still want to be her friend!


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