Monday, August 22, 2011

Dream Dark

So, way back in June I gushed about my love for Beautiful Creatures (watch the trailer here) and Beautiful Darkness (watch the trailer here).  And, as much as I love it, I think I forgot how tightly the story of this series holds my attention.  But, after reading "Dream Dark", I am back in love with the masterfully created tales of Gatlin, South Carolina and the Caster World.  Well, and there is that little bit about it being To Kill a Mockingbird-esque; I mean there is a dog named Boo Radley.  Are you kidding me?  It's like Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl have a window into my soul.

As if these ladies weren't genius enough to bring us the awesome story of the Caster Series in book form, they knew we could not possibly get enough or wait for Beautiful Chaos. So, they've released "Dream Dark", a short story delving deeper into the mysterious transformation of Wesley Jefferson Lincoln.  Mr. Lincoln is known better by the nickname Link, but now he is also known as the Linkubus.  There are certainly parts of his transformation that he is thrilled to experience.  For example, he's becoming more appealing to the ladies.  I'm imagining his transformation going something like this.


<---Link    Linkubus  

Pretty darn good transformation, am I right?

But, since this is a short story, at the precise moment I was about to squeal "OMG this is awesome", it was over.  Alas.  But, along with "Dream Dark" are the first five chapters of Beautiful Chaos.  If there is one thing I am now certain of, it's going to be amazing.

Now, a commercial break.  "Dream Dark" is only available as an eBook.  If you've been thinking about an eReader, now is the time people.  For the mere price of $1.99 you can find out just what the heck a Linkubus is. 

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  1. So I already thought you were one of the most amazing language arts teachers EVER, and now I know I'm 100% correct! :) Love the blog. I'll be able to read for months and never need to go elsewhere for recommendations. Thanks for sharing!!