Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How to be Popular

I have expressed my love for Meg Cabot before, so I am excited that I am celebrating what is in my little world called "Meg Cabot Eve."  Yep, you've got it.  I'm going to meet the great Meg tomorrow during her Overbite tour.  I am very excited to begin reading Overbite soon, but on this Meg Cabot Eve, I'd love to discuss one of my favorite, albeit under appreciated (in my opinion) books, How to be Popular.

In How to Be Popular, Steph Landry made a serious error as a sixth grader, which she has been paying for ever since.  She had the misfortune of spilling a cherry big gulp on Lauren Moffat's white Dolce & Gabbana skirt.  Now, five years later she is determine to overcome "being such a Steph Landry." 

This girl's got a plan.  She is going to totally own her junior year with the help of a book entitled How to be Popular.  Oh yes, she's read it cover to cover.  She's taking it seriously.  She will follow every rule.  The only problem is that this book was written in the 1950's...right down to the clothing recommendations.  Steph Landry has it under control.  This story explains how Steph follows this advice, struggles to maintain her friendships, and find out who she really is.

One of my favorite things about a Cabot book is her sense of humor and how she brings pop culture into the story to make it even more hilarious. How to be Popular may be one of the most hilarious examples of this to date.  Read this quote from the book:
Clearly," Jason said, "you are not doing nothing. You are most definitely doing something. What it looks like you're doing is pouring packets of sugar on Lauren Moffat's head."

Shhh," I said. "It's snowing. But only on Lauren." I shook more sugar out of the packets. "'Merry Christmas, Mr. Potter,'" I called softly down to Lauren in my best Jimmy Stewart imitation. "'Merry Christmas, you old building and Loan.'"

Jason started cracking up, and I had to hush him as Becca saw my sugar supply running low and hastened to hand me more packets.

Stop laughing so loud," I said to Jason. "You'll spoil this beautiful moment for them." I sprinkled more sugar over the side of the balcony. "'Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night."
Meg Cabot (How to Be Popular)

If you are not laughing now, you should seriously consider counseling.  This is funny stuff! So, while I plan to dream of sugar plums on this Meg Cabot Eve, I wish the old building and loan my best!

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