Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dark Divine

Do you love those classic stories with a new twist?  If so, Dark Divine, by Bree Despain should darken your door.  In this novel, the parable of the prodigal son, monsters, and love unite to form a triangle of intrigue!  Dark Divine addresses that perfect family everyone wants to be part of and allows the reader to see beyond the perfect facade.

In Dark Divine, Grace Divine (amazing name!) struggles to be as good as her older brother Jude.  Grace and Jude attend the same high school where Grace does her best to do her best, but Jude is impossibly perfect.  Their father, the idolized pastor in their small town, and their mother expect their children to live up to the name Divine.  Everything seems wonderful, but there is something mysterious they just don't talk about.

Jude's best friend, Daniel, disappeared three years before the start of the novel.  Daniel came from an abusive home and spent some time living in the Divine household while his mother tried to piece together her life.  But one day, Jude comes home covered in his own blood; Daniel disappears, and no one will talk about what happened.  Grace isn't able to let go of her memories of Daniel or her questions about that day.  When Daniel shows up, her family cannot understand the attraction Grace has for Daniel.  But when mysterious killings start up in the nearby city, Grace cannot help but question Daniel's role in it all.

I really liked how Bree Despain set the paranormal tale in the home of a pastor.  Grace uses her religious beliefs to make decisions about how to deal with her relationship and her father is seen as a hero to her and others as well.  I also like how Despain explained the existence of monsters.  I thought it was really interesting.  Dark Divine is followed by The Lost Saint, which is available now.  The Lost Saint (warning!  These two links have spoilers for those of you who haven't read Dark Divine)  promises to introduce new characters and continue Grace's struggle to come to terms with what she learned in Dark Divine.  The third installment will be available in December of 2011.

Another positive for this tale is the endorsement by Becca Fitzpatrick on the back of the book.  You know my love for the Fitzpatrick!  She loved this book, and I agree.

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