Saturday, July 16, 2011

Eternal Ones

East Tennessee, New York City, crazy family members, reincarnation, and snake handling...yep.  Who wouldn't love this all rolled into one exciting story?  The Eternal Ones by Kirsten Miller offers readers all of that, and more.  Sometimes the setting of a story just grabs me.  When I began this book and realized that Haven, the protagonist, lived in a fictitious town of Snopes City, Tennessee, I was hooked.  Miller describes this as being a sleepy town in the mountains of East Tennessee.  I love books that happen in my area, and as if that weren't enough, Haven leaves East Tennessee to find her destiny in New York City.  Have I mentioned that's another place I love?  Well played, Kirsten Miller.

In The Eternal Ones, Haven Moore has always had a feeling that this was not her first experience on earth.  She has always had flashes of the life of a girl named Constance, whose great love was a boy named Ethan.  Unfortunately for Haven, her very strict grandmother considers the exploration of these visions to be an abomination and insists that Haven be cured of them.  But, when Haven feels certain she and Constance are linked because of her unexplained reaction to the celebrity, Iain Morrow, she turns her back on her family to discover her past.  Haven finds herself involved with the mysterious Ouroboros Society, a group who claims to understand those who connect with past lives.  However, this proves to be dangerous business.  As Haven learns more about Ethan and Constance, she fears she and Iain are doomed to repeat the past, and not just once, but again and again. Plus, I've got to tell you those Ouroboros folks, well, they're mean.  Scary!
I loved this one and am really excited about the release of the sequel, All You Desire, which will be available August 9.  According to information about All You Desire, Haven must struggle to help her best friend from Snopes as well as unravel more mysteries about the Ouroboros Society.  Sounds exciting, and just around the corner!  So, it would seem to me that if you haven't read Eternal Ones you should waste not even one minute starting it so you can be ready for the release of All You Desire

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