Sunday, July 31, 2011

If I Stay

Have you ever had someone give you a detail about something and at the time thought, well, that can't be very important.  Then you were wrong.  So very wrong.  That's exactly what happened to me just before I started Gayle Forman's If I StayAs I began reading and got the gist of what was happening, I knew that that small detail made my continuation futile.  But you know me, I pressed right through up to the very end.  So, what I will tell you is that there is absolutely no way in this world that I would divulge that detail here.  However, I would love to share with you the premise of If I Stay (watch the trailer) with you.

In If I Stay, Mia is trucking along with her life as she knows it.  She and her family are treated to some unexpected time together due to a snow day that frees her, her brother, Teddy, her father, a teacher, and her mother, who refuses to work if her family isn't, from the usual.  The family chooses to visit Henry, Willow, and their daughter, friends of the family with whom they don't spend enough time.  On the way to visit, the family is in a terrible car accident.  At first, Mia believes she has escaped unscathed as she sees the devastating injuries her mother and father have.  Then, she sees herself.  She watches as paramedics work to try to save her and transport her to the hospital.

Mia is in "grave condition" and learns that she must choose whether she will go on to the next life with her family or is she will stay in this one with the people who are left here.  As we learn about Mia's condition, she inserts memories about her life, relationship with music, and other things that make her who she is.  This all builds up to the choice she must make. 

This is a read that I think those who have a passion for music would really love.  Mia is a star cellist who has hopes of attending Julliard.  Her boyfriend is a member of an up-and-coming rock band.  Her father is a former member of a punk band.  Music plays an important role in the novel and helps Mia make her choice.

Now, I must tell you that there is a sequel.  It's called Where She Went.  I will tell you that the Where She Went is told from Adam's, Mia's boyfriend's point of view.  That's it.  Not another peep.

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