Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bad Girls Don't Die

I can sum up my impression of Bad Girls Don't Die for you in one word.  Scary.  And by scary, I mean the  creepy kind of scary like the old horror movies.  The movies that kind of get in the back of your mind and creep you out when you get out of bed in the middle of the night and your house is dark.  CREEPY!  Katie Alender, you certainly know how to write a thriller.

In Bad Girls Don't Die (watch the trailer), Alexis is just trying to figure out who she is.  She is determined not to fit in with anyone.  After her best friend, Beth, was bullied unmercifully and moved away, Alexis is not open to friendships with those left behind at her school, particularly the popular cheerleaders who are responsible for torturing Beth.  She withdraws into her photography and being a friend to her younger sister, Kasey.  Their parents are wrapped up in their own lives and do not seem to care that both of their daughters are becoming increasingly distanced from their peers.

Kasey, well, Kasey is what some people I know would call a WLK (weird little kid).  She is 13, but she is obsessed with dolls.  Not the cute Cabbage Patch type, but the creepy antique kind that seem to stare at you when you enter the room.  Alexis worries that this isn't going to bring Kasey out of her shell any time soon, but she feels that Kasey is misunderstood until one day Pepper (I KNOW!), Alexis's nemesis, accuses Kasey of breaking her little sister's arm.  Alexis was under the impression that Mimi had broken her arm accidentally while she and Kasey were running in the house.  When Alexis questions Kasey about this, something about Kasey begins to change, and change, and change.... Alexis must solve the mystery of a tragedy that happened long ago in their home and forge a relationship with an unlikely ally to try to save Kasey from what seems to be happening to her. 

Have I mentioned that this book is creepy?  Well, it is.  I love it!  Even better news is that the sequel, From Bad to Cursed became available last month, and a third will be available next year.  Let the creepiness continue!

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