Sunday, September 30, 2012

The False Prince

So, there is a boy in one of my classes who reads all the time.  I desperately want to be able to recommend books to him when he asks.  Alas, he's read every boy friendly book I have.  But, I've got a new book to put in his hands now.  I think he'll love it, and I did too.

Jennifer A. Nielsen's (visit her site) False Prince (watch the trailer here) is awesome.  In the book, Conner, one of the twenty regents in King Eckbert's court, is plotting to take over the abandoned throne of Carthya.  He's not going to take it himself directly, he plans to train someone to pose as the long lost Prince Jaron. 

The search for Prince Jaron is sparked by the rumor that the entire royal family has been killed.  While all of Carthya suspects this rumor, Conner as a regent knows of this rumor's truth.  So, he formulates a plan.  He will comb the orphanages of Carthya in search of Jaron candidates, boys who are the right age and look like Jaron.  His search revealed four potential princes, three of  whom went to Connor's home and received training in the ways of royalty.  The three boys were distinctly different.  There was the brawny Roden, the brainy Tobias, and then there was Sage.  Sage had a way of upsetting just about anyone.  He was headstrong, argumentative, and mischievous.  Everything the young prince was known to have been. 

As you might imagine, Conner has lots of trouble keeping the boys in line.  For, they know one will be chosen and the other three will be killed.  This book certainly puts forth many unexpected twists and treacherous turns. 

This book is the first in The Ascendance Trilogy.  The second installment is entitled The Runaway King.  I for one am excited about it.  The end of The False Prince indicated that "war is coming."  I prefer to read that the way Ned Stark from The Game of Thrones might say "winter is coming".  Obviously, this will be awesome!

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