Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I had been putting off reading Finale (watch the trailer here) by Becca Fitzpatrick, but not because I didn't want to read it.  I actually put it off because I knew I would love it.  I've been in love with the Hush, Hush series ever since the first one was published.  I just wasn't looking forward to the end of the series.  I didn't want there to be no more Patch and Nora to come.  Sad times here people.  I gave into my curiosity, bit the bullet, and found out how it all came to its glorious end.  And, it certainly was glorious. 

As the series comes to an end, Nora continues to struggle with who she has become as a result of Hank's death, her new Nephil characteristics, and her place as the head of the Black Hand's army.  No big deal right?  To make things worse, the Nephilim doubt both her ability to lead and her loyalty to them as she is rumored to be seeing a fallen angel. 

Nora desperately searches for a way to fulfil her oath saving both her life and her mother's, preserve her relationship with Patch, and prevent an all out war.  Unfortunately, Nora places her trust in some of the wrong people, making her task even more complicated.  Speaking of complicated, enter devilcraft.  It is indeed as bad as its name suggests.

Yes, indeed, the stage is set for a dramatic ending to the series.  However, these things still hold true.  1.)  Hush, Hush is still a series I adore, 2.)  I still think everyone I meet (and those I haven't) should read the series, 3.)  I still hope the movie buzz materializes, and 4.)  I still have a crush on Patch.  So, that sums it up.  If you haven't tried the series, please do.  You can check out my reviews of Hush, Hush and Crescendo here and Silence here.

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