Sunday, January 27, 2013

Every Day

The concept of David Levithan's Every Day (watch Levithan introduce the book here) really captured my curiosity.  When I heard about the premise, I automatically wanted to read it since it didn't seem similar to anything I'd previously read.  I was right; it was quite unique.

The premise of Every Day (visit Levithan's website) is that there is a being, who calls itself A, who lives inside someone different's body every day.  It or he or she...I don't know, wakes up inside the body of a different person every single morning.  It can access the memories of the host body so as to fit into that life for the day.  At the end of the day, the host does not recall being invaded by the someone unless A leaves a seed of a memory for the person.  Strange, right? 

It's a weird and lonely existence for A.  A never makes connections with others, has no family, has no life of his own.  Until one day, he meets Rhiannon and forms a bond with her.  The day he spent as Rhiannon's boyfriend, Justin changed A's life.  After this, he continually struggles to get back to Rhiannon, which is hard since he's someone different every single time. 

To make matters worse Nathan , one of the bodies A inhabited, is aware that some one lived his life that day.  Yep, that's awkward.  Nathan is convinced that A is the devil.  After this a religious group pledges to find this devil and bring him to justice.  Well, that will be a little difficult if he is a different person every day.

As you can see, this is a pretty unique adventure.  There are plenty of loose ends that Levithan could pick up for a sequel.  I have read rumors of the sequel, but can't locate confirmation of these.  If you're looking for something that most likely different from anything you've read lately, give Every Day a try.

*Every Day is probably better for older teens.

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