Sunday, December 11, 2011

All You Desire

Ever since reading Eternal Ones (read my review) by Kirsten Miller earlier this year, I eagerly awaited the arrival of its sequel, All You Desire.  Let me take this opportunity to tell you that it was worth the wait.  I absolutely adore the story of Haven, Ian, Adam, Beau, and Leah. 

When last we left, Haven and Ian, they had fled New York in hopes of ridding themselves of the evil Adam Rosier.  They spent nearly a year happily reunited in Italy.  They were forced to keep a low profile because, well, Ian was supposedly dead.  Other than that, life was grand.  They enjoyed each other, the Morrow fortune, and Haven's own boutique.  Except, suddenly Ian's shrew mother surfaces questioning the authenticity of Ian's will, of which Haven had been the sole beneficiary.  If the halt in funds wasn't enough to rouse the two from their blissful dream, Haven receives a message that Beau has run into trouble while in New York.  Obviously, nothing would keep Haven from coming to the rescue of her long time best friend Beau.  Even if it means returning to New York and risking a reunion with Adam.

So, Haven and Ian leave their peaceful Italian life to rescue Beau and deal with Mrs. Morrow's impending legal action.  But, nothing is ever as simple as it seems.  Haven and Ian find themselves entangled with the Ouroboros Society and of course, none other than Adam.  But, this time Adam seems different.  He seems committed to providing Haven the peace in this life he promised her.  Too good to be true right? 

As if sifting through Adam's intentions were not enough, a mysterious group of women who call themselves the Horae seem to have the answers to Haven's questions about Beau...for a price of course.  The leader of the Horae, Phebe, is able to help Haven see into a past life in which she and Beau were brother and sister.  But, can Haven trust these snippets of her past life?  Why is Phebe able to control what Haven can see of her own past?  Are these women really what they seem?

During their quest to solve the mysteries of the Ouroboros Society, the Horae, and Beau's disappearance, Haven and Ian find themselves growing apart.  Some of this is necessary to their plans, but other seems to be rooted in doubt and suspicion.  Will they survive to enjoy their destiny in this life time?  And, clearly there is the question, what about the next?

This installment is a great blend of amazing characters from the first book as well as some awesome new ones.  I am certainly looking forward to seeing what the new character Milo does with the Ouroboros Society.  And then there's Leah, you know the snake handling prophetess.  The introduction of the creepy Horae ladies helps readers understand Leah's role.  Well played, Kirsten Miller, well played.

Definitely, take a few minutes to visit Kirsten Miller's site.  If you haven't read Eternal Ones yet, you can test it out by reading an excerpt here. There are lots of cool features about her books and the Ouroboros Society.  You can even download the official Ouroboros Society brochure and take a quiz to see if you may have undiscovered past lives.  Do it.

*Both of these books are probably best suited for older teens.

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