Saturday, December 17, 2011

Anya's Ghost

This is a first for me and for my blog.  Sit back.  I read a graphic novel.  I know.  How cool am I?  So with the trends here, people.  I've got to say, I liked it.  I completely see the value in having graphic novels around for those who need the immediacy in their reading and for those who need the support a highly visual book can offer.  Plus, it's just kind of fun.

I read Anya's Ghost (read a preview here) by Vera Brosgol.  This story follows Anya who is a high school student, a Russian immigrant, and the daughter of a single mom.  Anya is out and about when she falls in a hole.  Yep, she just fell right in a hole.  But, she discovers she is not alone in this dark chasm.  She finds a ghost, Emily,  who seems quite friendly and a bit pitiful. 

Much to Anya's surprise, after her rescue, the ghost has made its way back home with Anya.  At first this is a bit creepy, but when Anya discovers Emily can zoom around the classroom during a test finding answers or whisper the right words to say to Anya's crush into her ear, it doesn't seem so bad. 

However, as Emily begins to take hold in Anya's life, things begin to get a little weird.  It really begins to go downhill when Anya discovers the object of her affection is not the guy she thought.  Instead of Prince Charming, he turns out to be more like a giant bag of feces.  Although Anya is ready to accept this and move on, Emily is not.  This is when the  insanity begins.  Anya must find out the true cause of Emily's death and rid herself of this problem.

In order to do this, Anya accepts the help of a fellow Russian immigrant student.  This is really hard for Anya because she likes to distance herself from her Russian heritage.  This relationship is one of the parts of the book that makes it more than just a quick read.  Anya's character has lots of layers.

All in all, this book is quite cool.  The gray scale pictures are really great.  The writing is witty, and the story line was unexpected.  Check out Anya's Ghost!

*I was surprised by the maturity of this book.  I would recommend it to older teens.

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