Monday, April 1, 2013

Beautiful Days

I am a complete sucker for Anna Godbersen's books.  I am completely certain she could write about any time period from any perspective and bring out its absolute beauty.  She's just that amazing.  As the name Beautiful Days implies, this book is no exception.

In Beautiful Days readers pick up with the adventures of Cordelia, Letty, and Astrid as we left them in Bright Young Things (read my review here).  Cordelia is reeling from the death of her father.  Letty continues to struggle to find her place in the new world of New York, and Astrid remains by Charlie's side.

In this installment, the feud with the Hale's is far from over.  Obviously, since they were responsible for Darius's death, the Charlie and his men are not willing to let bygones be bygones.  The stakes of the bootlegging business become even higher as Charlie tries to take the business even farther than his father had.  As a part of this, he opens a speak easy called The Vault in an old bank.  Cordelia will be responsible for this new club.  This becomes the backdrop for many encounters and opportunities for the girls.

Mystery definitely swirls about as readers try to piece together the bootleggers next moves and how they will involve the girls.  This is certainly a great read!  The Lucky Ones is the third in this series.  I am reading it now and it is fantastic.  Details to come...

*This series is better suited for older teens.

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