Saturday, November 3, 2012


I have one word for Revolver.  Unexpected.  Seriously, I really didn't see the end coming.  Revolver by Marcus Sedgwick (watch Sedgwick read the first chapter here), a Printz honor book,  is a fast paced read that certainly caught the attention of this reader. 

Revolver tells the story of Sig Andersson, who is 15 and lives in an old cabin in the Arctic Circle.  Sig resides here with his step-mother, sister, and father.  However, the problems begin when his father stepped through a weak spot in the ice and unfortunately died.  Now, Sig is alone with the corpse after his step-mother and sister have gone for help.  As if being alone with the corpse of his father weren't bad enough, now a mysterious stranger, Wolff,  has appeared on the scene.

This is no ordinary stranger.  This man claims to be connected with Sig's father.  He claims that Sig's father owes him money, but since he is no longer able to pay, he will collect from Sig.  This is certainly new to Sig, as is the news that his father could have been involved with this nefarious man. 

Thank goodness, Sig's father taught him how to use his prized revolver.  It's as if Sig had always been trained for the moment Wolff might show up.  Now, Sig is faced with the determining how to best rid himself of the stranger.  Will he shoot?  Will he survive? 

Although this may not be the best reason to recommend a book, I'll divulge this anyway.  This book is pretty short and extremely fast paced.  The chapters are short, which always helps me read faster.  It is the type of book you could probably read in a day.  Because of this, I know several reluctant readers (as well as some who aren't) I'd like to loan this book.  Well played, Sedgwick, well played.

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