Sunday, May 6, 2012


Maureen Johnson's Devilish is delightfully entertaining!  I absolutely adore this Faust retelling.  Just like in The Name of the Star (read my review here) where she retold the Jack the Ripper tale, Devilish is wonderful.

This story takes place in Providence, Rhode Island at St. Teresa's Preparatory School for Girls.  Here Jane Jarvis and her best friend Ally exist outside the bubble of popularity.  Jane is quite content with her superior intelligence, quirky sense of style, and cozy life.  But, Ally, on the other hand, is just the opposite.  Ally wants to be among the chosen ones.  So much that she would do anything.  I do mean anything.

As crunch time in the most important time in the life of a St. Teresa's senior: Little-Big day.  Only the lowest of the low seniors don't get a Little.  Jane being the good friend that she is is distracted by helping make sure Ally is able to secure a little.  However, Ally is unexpectedly saddled with a demon.  Like a for real demon.  Not kidding. 

Ally begins to change while under the influence of Satan's right hand girl, leaving Jane to deduce the rather unbelievable chain of events.  Luckily for Ally, Jane is no ordinary brain.  And, as luck would have it, they also have access to a team of demon hunters who have been awaiting the arrival of this particular demon.

This book is a fantastic read.  I was completely pulled into the story.  I really enjoy reading Maureen Johnson's books.  Check out the books section of her website to read a bit about them all.  I also follow her on Twitter.  Her tweets are funny and fresh just like her books.  Check out this Devilish; it won't disappoint.

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