Sunday, February 19, 2012

Prophecy of the Sisters

I've always found twins pretty cool.  Especially if there are lots of twins in a family.  But, for Lia and Alice Milthorpe being a set of twin girls in their family is downright dangerous.  In Michelle Zink's Prophecy of the Sisters (watch the trailer here), readers follow these twins on a dangerous journey.

The book begins with the twins and their younger brother Henry unexpectedly losing their beloved father.  This tragic event comes several years after the equally unanticipated death of their mother.  Now, their Aunt Virgina, their mother's twin, comes to live with the children and help them put the pieces of their lives together.

At about this time, Lia begins to notice an intricate mark appearing along her wrist.  If this weren't enough to freak her out, she is also shown a mysterious book from her father's library.  This book seems to indicate that the ladies in her family have a unique role in a prophecy responsible for binding the evil spirits existing the "Otherworlds" away from the human world.

Lia has always been the kindhearted twin, while Alice has always been a bit darker.  This led Lia to believe that she was certainly the guardian of the prophecy, or the protector, and Alice was surely the gate, or passage for the spirits.  However, the prophecy states the first-born twin will be the gate and the second the guardian.  Lia was the first-born.  The tricky part is that Aunt Virginia confides in Lia that the girls were born via C-section.  Alice was positioned to be born first, but Lia was lifted from their mother first.  Thus, their roles in the prophecy reversed.

Lia must struggle against her twin, who seems determine not to fulfil her role as guardian and decode the sparing details of the prophecy her father left behind and to be the enemy of Lia.  This story continues in Guardian of the Gate (watch the trailer here), where we are promised the showdown between Alice and Lia that will leave only one sister standing!  Yikes!

Creepy!  Give this one a try!

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