Sunday, January 8, 2012

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Seth Grahame (visit his website) is a genius.  Yes, I am convinced of it.  You know of my penchant for all things Jane Austen, and dear Seth breathed a different life into the classics by bringing in zombies and sea monsters.  But, in my humble opinion, these pale in comparison to what Grahame did for Abraham Lincoln in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (watch the trailer) .  He took the lanky, semi-goofy (yet highly respectable and heroic) president and make him a stone-cold, slightly hot vampire hunter.  Who would have thought?
Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Film
The premise of this book is that our beloved president's secret diary has been found by the writer, and he has unearthed his past as a vampire hunter.  His hatred for the undead began during Lincoln's boyhood when his mother fell prey to a ruthless vampire.  At this point, her young son swore he would get revenge upon these bloodsuckers.

As his horrible luck would have it, every person close to Abraham would fall prey to a vampire.  This only fed his need to triumph over these creatures.  Throughout his fight, Lincoln finds himself in elite political circles and finds that even the Civil War is but a vampire charade.  He meets many historical figures including Edgar Allan Poe, who is so obviously a vampire (even if you didn't read it here, surely you expected it, right?).  And, many true life events are woven throughout the vampire context.  Genius!

Although I read this book a while ago, I recently learned it will become a movie in June of 2012 (movie info here).  I am beyond thrilled by this.  I think the historical context accompanied by the vampire twist will be just as amazing to watch as it was to read.  So, you've got time.  Throw yourself into the questionable history of Abraham Lincoln.  If you are like me, you'll find yourself thinking, "Well, maybe....maybe that's how it should be."  And then you'll be embarrassed!

*This book is probably best suited for older teens.

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