Sunday, August 12, 2012


I have a silly confession to make.  I actually put off reading Insurgent  by Veronica Roth (watch the trailer here) because I wanted to read it so much.  Completely goofy logic, right?  Well, you see, I know how completely tortured I was when I read Divergent (read my review here) and thought if I could only resist Insurgent a while, I wouldn't have to wait so long for the third.  So, as you can see I was able to hold out a whopping eight weeks.  Yep, that will make a huge difference in my wait time. 

Insurgent certainly did not disappoint.  The second in the Divergent series, picks up after the shocking end of Divergent, when the Dauntless faction discovers they have been used in a simulation by the Erudite faction to murder lots of innocent people.  No big deal, of course. 

Once again Triss finds herself of great use to her faction at great risk to herself. As her relationship with Four grows in this book, it is also strained by their different views and willingness to be completely honest with each other.  We even get to see much more of Marcus Eaton, who is Four's father.  By the way, Four goes by his given name of Tobias in this book.  This is because our narrator Triss, has gotten to know him better; calling him by his real name  is a sign of how close they have grown.  Also, I must tell you that even though I know Four is much to young to actually be pictured this way, but Four is in my mind Adam Levine.  Wouldn't he perfectly play the part?  Oh, I think so.  If the real world had factions, I am absolutely certain Mr. Levine would be Dauntless.

Complete Dauntless
In Divergent, we saw Triss's divergence as a closely guarded secret.  We gain insight as to why this was in Insurgent.  We also see just how dangerous being a Divergent could be.  As the Erudite, sought to control everyone those who were Divergent posed a problem.  As it turns out, being Divergent might not be as uncommon as Triss thought.

As I suspected, I am not dying for the next book in the series.  It will be released in the fall of next year.  As of yet, no official title has been released, but Roth jokingly calls it Detergent.  That's pretty darn funny.  Until then I wait.  I look forward to see what lies beyond the fence.  It is going to be a long year.

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