Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fairest of All

Let me first say that I love Disney. Disney movies, Disney World, Disney anything. I love it. So, clearly the union of Disney and a young adult books would be on my list! I think this is so smart because those folks at Disney cast their nets toward an audience they don't always target. Genius, I tell you. Serena Valentino joined up with Disney to bring Fairest of All: The Untold Story Wicked Queen (watch a fanmade trailer here) to those of us who fell in love with Snow White's story as a child.

The story begins with a happy family made up of a beautiful child, a doting valiant father, and a georgeous loving step-mother. However, things change after the brave king is killed in battle. After this, the Queen becomes troubled.  The root of her troubles being a magic mirror bestowed upon her by her dearly departed husband's family.  Because of her childhood insecurities, the Queen becomes vulnerable to the manipulation of the mirror. 

As the story unfolds, Snow White grows from a darling child to a beautiful young woman, further compounding the problem.  The gulf between the Queen and Snow White grows until Snow White is forced to leave home for her safety.  Despite the seemingly bleak outlook, the story does have a happy ending as good Disney tales should.

What I really liked about this book is that it showed the troubled and true side of the Queen.  Even though her problems were due to the dark, magical manipulation, readers see the roots of mental illness being cultivated by the situation.  It's a sad world out there for so many people.  Now, I mean, I realize most people are not trying to remove the hearts of their step-daughters with a dagger, but still, I felt sorry for her when I understood her pain. 

Bless her wicked little heart.


  1. Ergo... :)

    I think I will give this one a whirl!

  2. Ergo, I could probably arrange a loan :)